Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce Collaborate to Bring Salesforce CRM Solutions to Mainland China

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has announced the general availability of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Platform on Alibaba Cloud, starting from December 18, 2023. This strategic move aims to assist businesses, particularly multinational companies operating in mainland China, in meeting evolving market demands, complying with the latest data residency regulations, and integrating with the unique local app ecosystem.

Sales Cloud empowers sales teams to identify leads, manage customer relationships, track sales progress, and automate processes, facilitating faster deal closures and revenue generation. Service Cloud transforms customer service delivery across various touchpoints, providing integrated applications, ticket management, knowledge base, and queue management. Salesforce Platform, a low-code application development platform, extends CRM functionality, allowing customers to automate business processes and enhance workflow efficiency.

Exclusive features tailored for mainland China, including integrations with key Chinese social media and messaging platforms, will be available on Sales Cloud and Service Cloud hosted on Alibaba Cloud. This integration enables companies to engage with customers on their preferred channels effectively.

Phil Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Global Technology Partners, Salesforce, expressed, “Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud will provide an integrated and innovative platform for our customers operating in the Salesforce ecosystem in mainland China.”

Edward Cai, Chief Commercial Officer, Alibaba Cloud, highlighted the collaboration’s benefits, stating, “Alibaba Cloud’s robust and secure infrastructure, combined with Salesforce’s trusted, localized products for the Chinese market, will enable enterprises operating in mainland China to better meet the unique local demands while maintaining global Salesforce standards.”

Several early adopters, including multinational companies in education, luxury, life sciences, and professional services industries, have already started deploying Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud. EF (Education First), a leader in international education, is among the pioneers implementing Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud for its operations in China. John Prokos, Group CIO, EF Education First, expressed excitement, stating that the partnership with Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce will empower them to effectively adhere to local regulations and seize growth opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.

Alibaba Cloud and Salesforce initiated their strategic partnership in 2019, launching Salesforce Social Commerce, a product tailored for multinational brands expanding in the region. This latest collaboration underscores their shared commitment to driving customer success and innovation.

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