HR Leaders Circle unveils pivotal insights in CHRO Talent Outlook Survey 2024

In a compelling session organised by TalentCorp at the Four Seasons Hotel, HR Leaders Circle presented key insights derived from the CHRO Talent Outlook Survey 2024.

The survey, conducted among chief human resources officers (CHROs) across Malaysia, provides profound insights into the challenges and opportunities that will define the nation’s talent landscape in 2024.

The findings underscore the critical challenges facing the HR community in Malaysia. However, the survey highlights a strong commitment to continuous learning and unanimous acknowledgement of technology’s transformative role in talent management.

The key findings include:

  • Overall Talent Optimism: Only 42% of CHROs express optimism regarding the talent landscape in Malaysia for 2024.
  • Skills Preparedness: A mere 22% believe the current workforce possesses the essential skills for the evolving demands of 2024.
  • Talent Acquisition Challenges: An overwhelming 84% anticipate challenges in recruiting top-tier talents in the upcoming year.
  • Continuous Learning: Despite challenges, a resilient 72% of CHROs commit to investing in continuous learning and development initiatives for employees.
  • Technological Impact on Talent Management: A staggering 90% of respondents believe technology significantly reshapes talent management strategies within their organisations.

Adjunct Professor Farid Basir, HR Leaders Circle Co-founder said, “These findings serve as a call to action for the HR community and policymakers. We must address talent readiness gaps, focusing on upskilling and leveraging technology for effective talent management.”

“The commitment to continuous learning is a positive signal amid challenges. It highlights organisations’ resilience and dedication to nurturing a skilled workforce,” Dr Syukri Sudari, HR Leaders Circle Co-founder stated.

Laurence Yap, HR Leaders Circle Co-founder added, “The overwhelming acknowledgement of technology’s role underscores the need for agile talent management strategies. Embracing technology is pivotal in navigating the evolving demands of the workforce.”

Next steps for HR Leaders Circle

The HR Leaders Circle, in collaboration with industry partners, plans to leverage these insights to inform policy discussions and advocate for strategic initiatives.

The goal is to foster a more adaptive, skilled, and resilient workforce in Malaysia.

HR Leaders Circle is a collaborative platform that brings together HR professionals, industry experts, and policymakers to address challenges and shape the future of human resources in Malaysia.

While revealing critical findings shaping the future of Malaysia’s talent landscape, the HR Leaders Circle also presented the recent survey was presented to the Minister of Human Resources.

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