Senoko Energy Launches SolarShare 2.0: Singapore’s First Peer-to-Peer Grid-Scale Trading Platform

Senoko Energy has unveiled SolarShare 2.0, marking the introduction of the first peer-to-peer grid-scale trading platform for solar energy in Singapore. This pioneering platform builds upon the successful pilot project launched in 2020, aiming to transform the energy landscape by facilitating widespread adoption of renewable energy among Singapore’s businesses and households.

Aligned with the government’s ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SolarShare 2.0 empowers users to access sustainable green energy round the clock, leveraging green energy imports and battery storage in the future.

Through this innovative platform, businesses and households can engage in the buying and selling of solar energy at their desired prices, enhancing accessibility and affordability. Senoko customers can purchase energy from specific solar generators or from a shared pool of surplus solar energy within the community.

Additionally, SolarShare 2.0 enables users to monitor the source, time, and price of solar energy over the grid, allowing precise measurement and tracking of energy consumption every half hour. This transparency equips businesses and households with the tools to manage energy usage effectively, supporting informed decisions to further reduce carbon footprints.

Eric Maka, president & CEO of Senoko Energy, noted that SolarShare 2.0 is a pivotal part of Senoko’s decarbonization efforts, underscoring their commitment to Singapore’s net-zero vision. The initiative aligns with their collaboration with City Energy to explore the technical and commercial feasibility of hydrogen importation and supply, demonstrating Senoko’s dedication to sustainability.

James Chong, senior vice president, commercial of Senoko Energy, highlighted the platform’s role in empowering users on their green energy journey by facilitating the use of clean solar energy from fellow Senoko Energy customers. By enabling consumers to measure and trace their carbon footprint, the platform encourages greater energy efficiency and individual responsibility.

In addition to individual benefits, SolarShare 2.0 encourages property owners with available rooftop space to install solar panels. By contributing excess energy to the grid for community use, individuals can actively contribute to enhancing Singapore’s energy security.

Steve Hoy, CEO of Enosi, an Australian energy traceability company, praised SolarShare 2.0 for fostering active participation in the green energy revolution. The platform’s user-friendly interface empowers businesses and households to make intelligent decisions, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce both carbon footprints and overall costs. Enosi looks forward to collaborating with Senoko, leveraging their combined expertise in energy distribution and traceability to pave the way for a zero-carbon energy future.

Starting from November 1, 2023, SolarShare 2.0 will be exclusively available to all Senoko Energy’s business and household customers. Users can access the platform for a monthly subscription fee as low as S$5.40 (including GST). To learn more about SolarShare 2.0 and how to participate, please visit

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